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Universally ambiguous (more revolting)

Its not surprising that there have been so many representations of the ‘mother and child’ through art. Co – Revolting woman Rosie Scribblah and myself have captured many mums with children on our scribbling adventures:

jo-and-phoebe Jo and Phoebe: detail from Rosie Scribblah’s blog, 2018

However, looks can be deceiving. Look at my sketch on the same theme:

grandmother-child.jpgGrandmother & Child, ink sketch Pattimcjones 2017

This was rapidly captured in an A&E queue. I was so struck by the unassuming serenity and strength of this woman – the little boy had bashed his face but was dozing on her shoulder- that I got into a conversation with her as I sketched (for 5 mins before she was called into the consultation room). She turned out to be the boy’s grandmother.

The nurture of a child involves many unseen participants; Revolting Women will be drawing you in to more like this (in print) very soon!


The wisdom of school-kids

Have any of you been following the actions of the 16 year-old schoolgirl Greta Thunberg in Davos recently? She stayed off school in order to make a 32 hour trip in an attempt to speak to world leaders about climate change.

She has inspired thousands of other school children -along with many adults- to express their concern at ‘ grown-ups’climate irresponsibility. For instance, in Switzerland alone (where she is from), 20,000 children skipped school last Friday. In Germany it is thought 30,000 kids left school carrying banners saying stuff like: ” The sea is rising and so are we” and “Grandpa, what is a snowman?” My portrait of Greta(shown above) will be at The Queen Street Gallery Neath from next Friday. Greta is also a great role model for young people with Autism as she has Asperger syndrome. She believes the fact that her brain ‘works a bit differently.. so I see things in black and white’ helps her see the climate crisis more clearly. Meanwhile, plans are afoot for school actions in the UK on 15th of February….


One of many women who should be remembered:

Noor Inayat Khan (1914-1944) was a half Russian, half Indian muslim woman who signed up to the Special Operations Executive (a secret army with the aim of helping resist Hitler):noor 2nd ww2

She helped foil enemy operations in occupied France but was eventually captured and shot at Dachau after proving her worth many times over. Ironically her first attempt at volunteering with the SOE was met with the response ‘she is not intelligent enough’ from the male senior recruiter. 

If you want to see the rest of my Women Who Beat Hitler series of icon-style portraits, get down to the Glyn Vivian Gallery in Swansea in the next two days (ends on Sunday)! I was inspired to paint five panels about these extraordinary multi-cultural women as a kind of antidote to the wave of jingoism, racism and sexism that accompanied the Brexit vote. 

N.B. the full list is of women is available below inclusive of their roles and awards – it is not available in the gallery.

soe & pilots


More revolting plans:

As you may or may not have noticed over the years, me and my co-conspirator Rosie Scribblah have been painting, printing and drawing outdoors (‘en plein air’ if you wanna get technical) for a few years now:

Street work above left by Rosie Scribblah, @ right Pattimcjones

We are both looking for that elusive juxtaposition, the ordinary scrubbing up against the extraordinary and, ahem, you’ll just have to wait and see what we do next…………..


A rapid banner for Otis /Anti Austerity demo…

When a friend asked me to do a banner declaiming the detention of Otis Bolamo recently I was really glad to feel I had some sort of useful role (an integrated and cherished citizen of Swansea, Otis had been detained on Xmas Eve). I didn’t have any free time until Friday afternoon and the demonstration was on Saturday. All I had was my quick sketch of Otis to start with:


I decided to try doing this on polysilk:


Then I cut it out with a soldering iron and sewed it to the centre of my background material:


Suddenly I got a message saying Otis had been released and was going to be on the march carrying the banner. I changed the sewn message to: ‘Otis Must Stay’. Here he is on the day (with the banner!):

demo banner1

I really hope Otis will be allowed to stay now; he deserves to be left in peace.

Standing in Solidarity with Migrants and the Stansted 15

Yesterday was a day of solidarity for migrants in the UK so concerned citizens of Swansea gathered in the usual place -Castle Square- to express our feelings ( I did a sketch or two as usual):

demo stans15 (1).jpg

For preventing a deportation flight last March the group known as the Stansted 15 are now facing a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. This is because their original sentence of ‘aggravated trespass’ was changed afterwards to ‘terrorism’by Judge Christopher Morgan.

They lay down on the runway in front of the Boeing 767 (secretly chartered by the Home Office to deport 60 migrants back to Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Ghana)having chained themselves to the plane. A proportion of the migrants that were on the plane have been allowed to stay in the UK -pending appeal- showing the efficacy of this daring act.

The actions  of the 15 have also drawn attention to the government’s intention to curtail peaceful protests -potentially criminalising human rights activists.  Their case goes to another appeal hearing next year; until then please show your solidarity as a group of us did last night.

Please see http://www.detained for testimonials from people being detained currently in the uk and read the beautiful ALPHA: ABIDJAN TO GARE DU NORD by Bessora Barroux (a graphic novel which recounts the mundane terror jof a man trying to find his wife and child). This is available in Swansea Central Library if funds are low!


Old and new modes of resistance on 17.11.18

In London last Saturday it was exciting to see how diverse our approaches to protest have become (and sketch some of them).

Two sisters (who live in different parts of the UK and had met up on the Anti Racism march) shared everything straight to Instagram:

Meanwhile, around the corner in Parliament Square, what was left of the amazing Extinction Rebellion ( some missing due to arrests after they peacefully- blocked 5 bridges) were having a well-deserved party without the usual noisy traffic:

The adornment of the Winston Churchill statue with the Extinction Rebellion symbol (shown above) reminded me of a previous action at a ‘Reclaim the Streets’ guerrilla-gardening protest in 2000 when the same statue had been given a grass-mohican.

Another section of the SUTR protest (also encompassing Love Music Hate Racism) was also settling into celebration mode by listening to some grime and ambient performances:

A great day out for all ages.