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Universally ambiguous (more revolting)

February 4, 2019

Its not surprising that there have been so many representations of the ‘mother and child’ through art. Co – Revolting woman Rosie Scribblah and myself have captured many mums with children on our scribbling adventures:

jo-and-phoebe Jo and Phoebe: detail from Rosie Scribblah’s blog, 2018

However, looks can be deceiving. Look at my sketch on the same theme:

grandmother-child.jpgGrandmother & Child, ink sketch Pattimcjones 2017

This was rapidly captured in an A&E queue. I was so struck by the unassuming serenity and strength of this woman – the little boy had bashed his face but was dozing on her shoulder- that I got into a conversation with her as I sketched (for 5 mins before she was called into the consultation room). She turned out to be the boy’s grandmother.

The nurture of a child involves many unseen participants; Revolting Women will be drawing you in to more like this (in print) very soon!


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  1. I love being a revolting woman 😀

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