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Singing with Death

April 7, 2019

I had my second run in with the phenomenon that is Extinction Rebellion yesterday and I still don’t know what to make of them:

Warming up 4 protest

I arrived early for the midday start of the XR Funeral March, in time to observe & admire the meticulous preparations under way, e.g. coffin, 20 foot high stilt walker (Death, whose face I was invited to paint) choir (whose last rehearsal I joined in with). The final briefing – by the beautifully outfitted woman above left -went over the route and exhorted all to be polite and stick together. I wasn’t expecting to draw as I had planned to drum but luckily I had my tiny sketchbook and pen to hand anyway….

Young Poet

As we got to Barclays in Swansea Centre, the march stopped and XR called a ‘People’s Assembly’ – a kind of open mike for political thoughts. The young man above read out two of his poems about climate change (one of the market stall holders declared we were ‘a cheery lot’). One thing was for sure; everyone was dressed to kill and Barclays were rightly taken to task for their dodgy dealing e.g. Tar Oil Sands

Woman in ballgown

To be or not to be an XR protester; that is the question. Whether tis nobler to join and suffer the indignity of being told what global warming is (like using a 16.5 tog duvet in the middle of summer) or to just carry on as an intelligent individual who doesn’t need lessons in ecology, protest or the art of the spectacle?

Its a tough choice.


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