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August 9, 2019

I was trying to put my sketchbooks in date order the other day when I came across this sketch of my eldest son:


I did this when he was a couple of days old. I now realise it was the first sketch I’d tried at speed.

I then had two other children (with 2.5 years between each) and I think in retrospect that it was drawing all three that really got me to develop my sketching eye – and speed!

Here is one of my eldest approx 25 years later:

Harvey & Cottontail

This is my middle son sketched in colour at a restaurant:

Cally in restaurant

And more recently doing woodwork:

Cally planing

Here’s my daughter sketching me whilst I sketch her….

Al crosslegged

And again in gouache, reading in the garden:

A in lilies

So its only now that I realise how much I owe to their patience and forbearance!

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  1. So cool
    I’ve sketched my daughter while she drew me, too


  2. What a great blog 😀


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